The Gadget Show Focus Group Winner May 12 2008

Gadget Show Focus Group Gadget Show Focus Group

On the 12th May 2008 the Lay-Z-Spa, supplied to the gadget show by, was featured on the Gadget Show on Channel Five. The Garden Gadgets Focus Group reviewed and tested 3 products; the Lay-Z-Spa Series 2, the Aerogarden and some Black & Decker Alligator Cordless Loppers. Of the three gadgets on offer, the Lay-Z-Spa won!

It is recommended that the Lay-Z-Spa be used used for 4 adults, however The Gadget Show managed to squeeze in a mighty 8 adults!! Also note the loose Terylene Cover around the Spa. Unfortunately, these gadgeteers failed to read the instructions and appear to have inflated the spa first and then tried to stretch the cover over. It has stretched and become loose! The correct method is to inflate the spa with the cover on. For ease of use, the spa is packed in this way. Inflating the spa with the cover on will result in a taught, fitted cover! Genius!