Lay Z Spa Photo Reviews

Marie Spiers - Wigan May 02 2014

Marie Spiers - WiganBought the Lay Z Spa last year, it's been used every day since. We have it in the cellar where we have any get togethers. We've had an absolute ton of pensioners at a 70th birthday party enjoy it, and last week was my son's 9th birthday so he had a spa party for his friends as you can see in the piccy, they loved it. My partner and I use it daily to just relax after a hard day. It's the simplest thing to use and erect. Also the beauty of it, it packs away small if we need the room. This is one thing I cannot live without. Friends and family love using it, it's easy to maintain, has been a real investment.

John Bramford - Huntingdon May 02 2014

John Bramford - HuntingdonWe bought our Lay Z Spa last year and absolutely love it. We've told many of our friends and family who have also purchased one. We've seen you now do a larger version (Lay-Z-Spa Deluxe) and are thinking about upgrading!!!

Richard Venables - Rotherham May 02 2014

Richard Venables - Rotherham

We use the tub every night. It's a perfect way to relax after a hard day at work. The water maintenance is easy and inexpensive. We use the hot tub to entertain our grand kids after ensuring the temperature is suitably lowered). It provides great entertainment for all the family. Truly value for money and one of the best purchases we have ever made.